Numeracy Education Support Programme (LANES)

Numeracy Education Support Programme (LANES) is one of the programmes under Global Partnership for Education (GPE) support whose key result is to improve basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy for children aged 5 – 13 years.  The programme focuses on supporting reforms in education system with emphasis on lower grades as a foundation for higher ones.  The main project goal is to support improvement of Literacy and Numeracy skills among pupils through increased community engagement.  The programme has two key objectives which include increased local CSOs participation in promoting literacy and numeracy; and increased community participation and engagement in promoting literacy and Numeracy.

According to the agreement with a donor some of the activities for this programme particularly those which involves community mobilization and sensitization are supposed to be implemented by CSOs.   In this regards TENMET received GPE Funds to support LANES implementation through community sensitization and awareness rising on challenges of skills in Literacy and Numeracy in 20 Districts in Tanzania. Ngorongoro District in Arusha Region is one of the 20 districts benefiting from the programme.  Community Aid and Social Enterprises Coordination (CASEC) which is a member of TENMET implements the LANES programme in this district.

In May 2018, CASEC carried out parents’ dialogues meetings in 10 primary schools namely Maalon, Oldonyowasi, Sukenya, Loosoito in Loliondo division; Masusu and Yasimdoto in Sale division; and Piyaya, Ngoile, Olchaniomelock, and Bulati in Ngorongoro division.  This is the first activity among three to be carried out by the organisation in the district.  Other activities are radio talk show and literacy and numeracy competitions at school and district level to be carried out..