Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation Exercises for World Vision Tanzania Izigo, Buhoma, and Isanga Area Development Programmes

Evaluation of Izigo Area Development Programme

In February 2014 CASEC carried out evaluation exercise for World Vision Tanzania Izigo Area Development Programme (ADP).  The programme is located in Muleba district, Kagera region in Tanzania.  The programme operated in four administrative wards of Izigo, Muhutwe, Mayondwe and Katoke in Muleba District and covered atotal of 14 villages.  It is an integrated development programme comprising five projects namely: Education; Food Security; Economic Development; HIV and AIDS and Sponsorship Management.  The evaluation covered a span of five years focusing on programme implementation and management from October 2009 to September 2013.  The programme goal was to improve quality of life of Izigo community by 2018.  World Vision Germany provides financial assistance for the implementation of the programme.

The major purpose of this interim evaluation was to measure the extent to which Izigo Area Development Programme had progresed towards achieving programme goal and its outcomes in phase two of programme implementation in the community.  The evaluation exercise adopted various approaches, methodologies, and tools.

Evaluation of Buhoma Area Development Programme

CASEC carried out the evaluation exercise for BUHOMA ADP in November 2014.  It was the first programme evaluation since the inception of the programme in October 2010.  BUHOMA ADP is located in Makere Division, Kasulu District, in Kigoma Region, Western Tanzania.  The ADP covered 5 villages in 5 wards and was being implemented by World Vision Tanzania with the support of World Vision-United States.  The evaluation exercise intended to evaluate phase 1 (October 2010-September 2014) of the programme cycle and hence provide information for re-designing of the programme in the next five years

The evaluation exercise was done from 3rd November 2014 to th14 November 2014.  Prior to field work, there was a one day pre-entry meeting which was done on 5th November 2014 in Makere village.  The meeting involved community representatives, villages’ and wards’ leaders, ADP staff, WVT-Kasulu Cluster Monitoring and Evaluation coordinator, Buhoma ADP manager and other stakeholders.  Selection of sampled sub villages was done in a participatory way during this meeting.  Moreover, training on data collection techniques was carried out in Kasulu town (WVT-Kasulu Cluster office) on 4th and 5th November 2014.  The training involved different categories of data collectors based on the evaluation tools.  Field work started from 6thto 14th of November2014 involving data collection at households, in-depth interviews with key informants, and Focus Group interviews with different community groups.

Evaluation of Isanga Area Development Programme

From December 3rd to 19th 2014, a team of two CASEC consultants led the evaluation exercise for Isanga Area Development Area (ADP).  Isanga Area Development Programme (ADP) is 15 years programme supported by World Vision Netherlands.  The ADP is located in Nung’hu and Sengerema division, Maswa District, in Simiyu Region at Njiapanda village, about 85 km from Shinyanga Municipal and 22 km from Maswa District Council’s office.  The evaluation employed Probability Proportional Size (PPS) sampling technique which enabled to select six hundred (600) households in 18 sampled.  The evaluation also used other methods to collect data such as documentary reviews, Focused Group Discussions, key informant interviews, field visits and observations.  Most of the data was analysed using the SPSS computer software.  The ENA for smart software was used to calculate stunting, underweight and wasting of children below five years of age.

Development of Edmund Rice Staff Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (ERSS)’s Strategic Plan

In August 2014 CASEC facilitated the development of a five years strategic plan (2015-2019) for Edmund Rice Staff Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (ERSS).  The Plan was developed to address the increasing competition and the changing and dynamic system in the management of Savings and Credit Schemes and Organisations (SACCOS).  One of the strategic goals for this strategic plan was “To develop, improve, and expand SACCO’s investment activities as a means of diversifying organisation activities and for sustainability purposes”

Development of Strategic Plan for Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – North Central Diocese (ELCT-NCD)

The strategic plan preparation workshop for ELCT-NCD was held at Mwangaza Centre, Arusha from 14th to 18thOctober 2014.  The workshop was attended by the top diocesan leadership and other key stakeholders.  CASEC was the main facilitator of the workshop.  The five year strategic plan (2015-2020) was developed for the purposes of helping the diocese to cope up with the changing environment internally and externally; to track institutional challenges and come up with strategies on how to address them, as well as providing a visionary direction through its vision.  The document is to be used for guiding the diocese in improving social services and the wellbeing of the people.  One of the five year strategic goals for this plan was “To strengthen Mission and Evangelistic work in all ELCT North Central Diocese operational areas”.

Development of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework for Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – North Central Diocese (ELCT-NCD)

In February 2015, CASEC was consulted by ELCT-NCD to facilitate development of M&E Framework for the diocesan activities.  The purpose of supporting the framework was to enable the diocese to come up with effective mechanism for monitoring and assessing its activities for the next five years.  The M&E framework was based on the diocesan strategic plan.

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