Working Experience with Church


Lutheran Diocese of Arusha Region 1. Fundraising Strategy
2. Financial Management
3. Gender Equity
4. Project write ups
5. Strategic Plan
6. Evaluation of Simanjiro TCRS funded programme
Evaluation of TCRS funded programme
Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service – TCRS Evaluation of TCRS as an institution in Tanzania
Same Diocese and Simanjiro Evaluation of TCRS funded programme
Women Leaders from Dioceses Trained women leaders on leadership and management
Tumaini University Makumira College Preparation of 10 years Strategic Plan
VYAHUMU Strategic Plan
ELCT-Planning and Development Department Evaluation of ELCT-Planning and Development Department
Local Competence Capacity Building (LCCB) and HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme Evaluation of Local Competence Capacity Building (LCCB) and HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme; which was funded by Dan Church Aid. The programme was implemented in five Dioceses of ELCT. The Dioceses were Iringa Diocese, Konde Diocese, Mara Region Diocese, South Western Diocese, and South Central Diocese
Anglican Church Tabora Diocese 1. Evaluation of Water Aid
funded programmes
2. Preparation of Diocese
Development Plan (Strategic
3. Preparation of Memorandum
of Understanding for Water
Aid, District Councils (Tabora)
Region) and Partners including
the Anglican Church)
Catholic Church Arusha Archdiocese Development Office 1. Preparation of the Strategic
2. Relationship with donors
3. Resource Winning Strategy
4. Advocacy
5. Personnel, Finance and
Programme policies
6. Institutional Sustainability
Uhai Center 1. Finance Management
2. Peoples Management
3. Project Planning
4. Fundraising
WAWATA Singida 1. Finance Management
2. Fundraising
WAWATA Iringa 1. Strategic Planning
2. Project Planning
3. Fundraising
WAWATA Dar 1. Strategic Planning
2. Project Planning
3. Finance management
4. Winning resources strategy
WAWATA Lindi 1. Finance Management
2. Fundraising/Winning resources
3. Strategic Planning
4. Project Planning and
Vema – Vocational Training Center Sengerema 1. Strategic Planning
2. Fundraising
3. Finance management
4. Project planning and
Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa (Musoma) 1. Project Planning
2. Strategic Planning
3. Finance management
4. Winning resources strategy
Same Catholic Development Office Strategic Plan
CARITAS Southern Highlands Network (Seven Dioceses of Mahenge, Iringa, Njombe, Songea, Mbinga, Mbeya and Sumbawanga 1. Financial, Personnel and Development Policies
2. Report writing
3. Project proposal preparation
4. Evaluation of Sustainable Agriculture and Gender programmes
Arch Diocese of Arusha Evaluation of St. Elizabeth, Endulen, and Wasso Hospitals
Arch Diocese of Arusha Strategic Plan Development of Arch Diocese of Arusha-Education Department
Assumption Sisters Institutional Development, Leadership and Governance