Our partiners

 tick_icon African Initiatives
 tick_icon Yes! Tanzania
 tick_icon Pastoral Women Council
 tick_icon Community Based Health Care Council
 tick_icon Meviwasu
 tick_icon SNV
 tick_icon CBHCC
 tick_icon Arusha Municipal Council
 tick_icon Arusha District Council
 tick_icon Mbulu District Council
 tick_icon Kilolo District Council
 tick_icon Tanzanian Ministry of Education
 tick_icon Evangalical Lutheran Church in Tanzania Centre for Development impact and consultancies (CEDEMCO)
 tick_icon Tanzania Education Network
 tick_icon Arusha Education Network Tanzania Coalition and Development Tanzania water and Sanitation Network
 tick_icon (TAWASANET) Maarifa ni Ufunguo Haki Kazi Catalyst



CASEC Receives Funds From :

 New-AI-logo_STANDARD-e1408456158767  dfid comic wa me
 African-initiative  (DFID)  Comic Relief  Michael Mathews Foundation  The Waterloo Foundation  Mercury Phoenix Trust
Others are:-  SIMAVI Leggat Trust ubu


  Loserian Foundation  James Tudor Foundation