A case of parent, teacher collaboration to conquer distance

Mwalimu Mary is a full time mother, teacher, wife and an active community member, as a mother who is educated she loves to see other children studying and attaining excellence in academics. It is her love for education that led her to pursue a career as a teacher. When she started teaching she noticed that her students had to walk long distances to and from the school, she felt she had to do something so she encouraged parents who leave far off to have their children leave closer to schools. “When a child is hungry and the distance that the pupil has walked they fail to concentrate in class” she further explained. In the evenings she makes sure the seat down and read and she ensures that they perform well in their exams.

I have one child of Mr. Marko that leaved with me and I made sure to follow-up on his progress he performed well and was selected to join Pugu secondary school which is a good school out of the region.” His parents are proud of the child and because of that she has taken more initiatives to ensure they learn. Mwalimu Mary says “Because pupils who stay with me always perform well, people ask me what you do? I simply do my lot to make sure I make follow up on them and the get ample time to read”.

Language is a great barrier but cooperation between parents, teachers and the community at large can lead to them adopting to Swahili as a language to use in school hence increases their chances of attaining competence in the 3Rs.Mwalimu Mary explained how she tackles language barrier “In the evenings the older kids who already know Swahili help to tutor the younger ones so that they can learn the language as well as other subjects”.

“If parents took up initiatives to create a good learning experience for their children by ensuring the get basic needs, do not have to walk long distances to school 3R’s will no longer be a challenge” she said.Mr. Marko a parent whose children stay with Mwalimu Mary had this to say “ I noticed great improvement in my children after they started living close I plead with the government to build dorms so that our kids can cut down the time they take to walk to and from school and instead use it to learn the 3R’s.”