Taking the road less traveled

Mr.Lepok is a respected member of his community, you will often find him visiting the school nearby to check on progress of the school and pupils overall or surrounded by community members as the evening draws near. When lepok decided to send his children to school he did not segregate boys from girls he sent all of them to school saying “education is for all”. At first the community thought him to not be alright mentally for having spent all that money just to send his children to school. They said to him “You are bewitched you are sending your kids to school, you are not in your right mind” but he did not allow himself to listen to such talks.


“I do not regret sending my children to school now my eldest is a lawyer and another one is graduating this year from university” he further explained to the community. But this is not without its challenges, when he first sent his girls to school they failed their secondary school national examination but he still did not give up and looked for alternative courses they could take. Two of his daughters are now studying tailoring in Arusha and he is proud to have taken the initiative.

“I still make follow-up of my children’s progress from time to time at school and this is because I understand my role as a parent” he urged the parents. I spent my time reviewing their work, asking teachers their progress and as a result all my children can now read and write and have succeeded to achieve their dreams. “Now I am reaping the fruits of my labor” he says with pride.

He prides himself to be able to read, write and do arithmetic’s even at his age and in a community where a majority cannot do the same. It’s a painful fact to see that though he can do that and so can his children the community around him cant.It is for this reason that though he no longer has kids at the school, he attends to be able to contribute to efforts to empower his community.

He is excited to be sharing his story to the larger community via LANES project radio talk show where a lot more parents will be reached and educated on a need to take up initiative to educate their children and ensuring the 3Rs are mastered. The community respects him and looks up to him now, no longer pointing fingers at him for having taken
the road less traveled in his community.