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CASEC offers tailor made and packaged training programmes to suit all clients. Additionally CASEC provides accompaniment programmes as part of training packages including monitoring and evaulating the implementation of projects.
  • Completed rehabilitation of Qaloda and Laja primary schools,funded by Michael Matthews foundation

  • A ┬áCentre ┬áhas been established to improve the living standard and education of vulnerable youth in Arusha.

  • The construction of dormitories in 34 secondary schools in Tanzania is accommodation of over 2,000 girls.

  • Providing training, research and consultancy services for local government, community leaders and NGOs.

Welcome To Community Aid And Small Enterprises Consultancy(CASEC)

The Community Aid and Small Enterprises Consultancy is a non-profit organisation based in Arusha, northern Tanzania. Established in 1994, CASEC promotes human and social development as the foundation for tackling poverty and injustice. Since its initiation, CASEC has been involved in building the capacity of communities, partners and similar minded stakeholders. The emphasis has been to address poverty and injustices through participatory assessments, evaluations, trainings, technical advisory services, and community support in kind and money.



CASEC is a local organization geared towards capacity building of grassroots communities, CBOs, NGOs and institutions in the struggle against poverty; and promotes social justice empowerment and participation of the poorest in addressing their basic rights.



To place greater emphasis on human resource development as a basis of tackling income and non-income poverty as well as addressing all kinds of injustice. The organization focuses on provision of tailored training, consultancy services, research, social mobilization, microfinance projects, lobbying and advocacy.

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